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9 Marks at Southeastern Evangelism Conference Videos Online

I had the privilege of visiting Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for the 9 Marks at Southeastern Evangelism Conference.  I had the privilege of hearing Danny Akin, Peter Williams, Mark Dever,  Thabiti Anyabwile, John Folmar, and J.D. Greear speak biblically, passionately, and God-glorifyingly about the need of sharing the gospel with the lost.

The videos of these talks are now online.  Take time to listen and drink deep!  Thankful for these men and for 9 Marks.

[UPDATE: Apparently, I am not able at this point to post these videos up. You can watch them here.]

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Heading to 9 Marks at Southeastern

As you read this post, I will be at the Denver International Airport, flying from Denver to Washington, D.C. to Greensboro, NC for an evangelism conference hosted by 9Marks at Southeastern on the campus of beautiful Southeastern Seminary.  I will spend a day or so with my parents in Concord, NC, then I’m off to the conference. 

Below is a clip about the conference.  As you can imagine (to quote a church planter friend of mine from Eastern Kentucky), I’m pumped! 

The speakers are the real deal in their authenticity and their action for the gospel.

I’m so grateful to have a church that excepts and encourages their pastors to go to conferences like these.  I know this will be of great benefit to myself and to our church and community.

I hope to blog a bit on this at the end of Friday and some on Saturday. 

I covet your prayers.

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