We Are Called to Invest, Not Simply Rest: More on the Joyful Urgency of a Believer

In reading the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30), the Master entrusted His three servants with five talents, two talents, and one talent. Notice here that the owner distributes his property, in this case, a talent to each as he sees fit.  A talent is an incredible amount of money.  Many of your Bibles help in understanding this amount by using a footnote.  And what does it say?  In the ESV, it says, “A talent was a monetary unit worth about twenty years’ wages for a laborer.”  Twenty years? All at once?  That’s what the owner gave. This is a generous amount of money!  This shows that this owner had high expectations of his servants!

So, supposed you made the median income for one who lives in Denver, which is around $60,000.  Multiply that by 20 (for the years), and you’re looking at $1.2 million.  That’s the Denver equivalent of a talent!  Five talents?  Six million dollars.  Two talents?  That’s 2.4 million.  Then the one talent of 1.2 million.  This is high money.  Jesus is making it clear again to his disciples:  “To whom much is given, much is expected.” And the first two saw the urgency and the joy in serving and investing the Master’s resources.

We must realize what Christ has entrusted to His church.  Has he entrusted us with money?  Sure he has.  But he has also entrusted us with

  • His gospel (Romans 1:1),
  • with His grace, with the faith to believe (Ephesians 2:8-9),
  • with works to accomplish (Ephesians 2:10);
  • with the fruit of the Spirit in order to accomplish the work (Galatians 5:22-23),
  • with spiritual gifts to plug in to various areas to which He’s called us and equipped us (Romans 12:3-8),
  • and most of all, with Himself (Matthew 28:20).

Look at all He’s given to us!  How do we view which is of more value: (1) of what the parable literally says in God giving out 150 years’ worth of wages, or (2) all that God has entrusted to the church?  If you’re worldly minded, you think, “How can I spend the gospel, gifts, grace, faith?  Those won’t pay bills or fund my hobbies.”  But if you have your eyes set on Christ, it’s not even close!

But what’s clear from this parable is that He intends us to invest, not simply to rest.  Verses 16-18 tell us what each servant did.  The first two invested everything given to them!  That’s 140 years worth of wages—invested!  Traded!  Now, keep in mind, this was not a one-and-done investment.  This was an investment.   With urgency.  With joy!

To listen to the full sermon, Don’t Waste Your Worship, click here.

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