Is God More Present in Certain Places Than in Others?

Back when I was a youth pastor in Kentucky, Billy Graham came to Louisville. So, a few folks from our church piled in the van and went to see him. the number of our youth went as well, and to my surprise they thoroughly enjoyed the evening. after Graham preached, he offered the invitation, and many got out of their seats and made their way to the bottom floor. I’ll never forget what one of my youth said.  he said that he would go up front anyway, even though he was a Christian, just in case God hears him better here than he did at church.

While we all laughed at what he said, it does make us wonder if there are places where God seems more present than others. I would say Yes and No to that question. We know from Psalm 139 that God is everywhere and that He hears us no matter where we are, He sees us no matter where we are He knows our thoughts even before we think. There is nowhere that we can escape from Him and His watchful eye. But is there a place where He is more present even as He is all present? It is here that I would say yes, simply for the reason of clarity. Being in God’s creation makes it very clear, at least to most, that there is a Creator and a Designer of all that we see. In this sense we get an understanding that there is an Infinite Being that is omnipresent. But among God’s people, that is among His church, a clarity arrives because this Infinite Being, we now understand is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So yes, God is omnipresent.

But no, God is most present when the clarity and conviction of His Word is preached so we know Who He is and What He has accomplished!

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