Your Identity is in Christ, Dear Christian–Don’t Believe Anything Else

“I’m an alcoholic.”

“I’m a sex addict.”

“I’m a workaholic.”

“I’m a soccer fan.”

“I’m a glutton.”

“I’m very spiritual.”

The problem with all of these?  You’re focusing on your sin and yourself.  Satan is most pleased with that. But when we come to Christ, our identity is ultimately in Christ, for that relationship will be the only one that will last.  “Yes, but I’m spiritual.”  Only if that spirituality is connected to Christ.  And only if that spirituality is exalting Christ rather than your spirituality.

When Christ saved us, He adopted us as His child.  We are His.  That won’t change!  That world loves labeling people–so you give them this one.

I am:

Wide-eyed, Sanctified, Blood Bought, Spirit Taught,
Bible Totin’, Scripture Quotin’, Satan Bashin’,
Sin Trashin’, Christ Followin’, Pride Swallowin’,
Hard Prayin’, Truth Conveyin’,
Faith Walkin’, Gospel Talkin’,
Bonafide Big Time Believer
and proud of it!

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