A Synagogue of Satan?

When Jesus spoke to the church at Smyrna, he encouraged them to stay strong against the Jews who, though thinking they were serving the true God, were really a “synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9).  A synagogue of Satan?  Yes.  Any religion or worldview that rejects Jesus as the only Savior and Lord is fueled by Satan’s spiritual warfare and deception.  This could be a Temple of Satan, a mosque of Satan, a Kingdom Hall of Satan, or even a “Church” of Satan.  This goes against a mild-mannered, soft, safe Jesus that so many believe He is—but He’s honest.  And we must deal with this!  No matter your age, background, skin color, or how devout you are to your religion or worldview, all that matters is what you do with the crucified and risen Christ. 

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