Back to Blogging — One Paragraph at a Time

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged much.  In fact, my last entry was on February 3rd of this year—and up until that point, I was trying to blog more prolifically.  What happened?

Well, that’s a good question—and I really don’t have an answer.  While I love blogging, if other issues regarding family or church arise, then blogging is down the list.  If I only have an ‘x’ amount of time during breakfast and I have a choice between Bible reading and blogging, I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to read Scripture (although I haven’t always chosen wisely on that front). 

But still, blogging is useful for a number of reasons for me.  (1) It helps me interact with various issues that arise personally, in our culture, and even in the church of America.  (2) It helps my congregation know their lead pastor’s heart and mind on these issues.

So, I’m back somewhat to blogging, but in a different format.  My aim is to blog one paragraph a day (maybe two, but one is the goal). 

So, here’s the first paragraph:

My primary concern as your pastor is not for the church to grow. My primary concern is for the church to be obedient with what they know. If we are not obedient with what we know from Scripture (especially the Great Commission), we cannot grow—and we should not grow. This, for me, has become a growing conviction.  I sense that God has called all local churches to serve as missions hubs, distributing the gospel to areas where the gospel is needed. The Great Commission is and must be the DNA of our churches, whether we realize it or not. When Christ said He would build His church (Matthew 16:16-18), He desired the Great Commandment and the Great Commission to be the building blocks and the “genetic code” (to use DNA language, which we will discuss later). These serve as the absolute, essential non-negotiables of Christ’s church, so we must take them seriously. In fact, we must go so far as to continually have Great Commandment/Commission lenses with all that we do and say in connection with Christ and with his church at ARBC.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Blogging — One Paragraph at a Time

  1. Welcome back to blogging. Good post.

  2. Use speech to text tool for best blogging and x becomes y on your time.

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