Top Ten Posts from 2014

Yes, I’ll add my list to the various “Top Ten” lists in the blogosphere.

  1. The Movement of Campbellsville University:  “Recently, the university changed its relationship with Kentucky Baptists so it can appoint its own trustees (Baptist or otherwise) and ‘maintain academic freedom’—breaking a covenant established in 1986.   In a letter published to Kentucky Baptists, Campbellsville began by communicating a desire to “protect the mission of the University and to avoid both undue influence and the imposition of theological and doctrinal control.”
  2. How My Pastor’s Friend’s Death Changed Me:  “Almost two months ago, my friend Tommy Rucker took his own life.  To say this affected me would be an understatement.  In preaching his funeral, God permitted me to sort through a number of theological issues surrounding his death—as well as talk to the family and friends of Tommy that I hadn’t seen in over a decade. “
  3. Show Discernment Over the Touring Heaven Books: “We have no shortage of books on this matter: 90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper, Flight to Heaven by Capt. Dale Black, Appointments with Heaven by Reggie Anderson, and numerous other ‘touring heaven’ books. While we take comfort in many thinking about heaven, we must also comfort each other in thinking rightly about heaven.”
  4. What’s An Alternative Lifestyle Today?  You’d Be Surprised. “David Wise won USA Olympic gold.  But his personal life deemed by NBC as an ‘alternative lifestyle’ caught much attention.  What was that lifestyle? He’s in his early 20’s, married, with a child, goes to church, and has aspirations of being a pastor one day.”
  5. When You Don’t Have a Homeland.  “Everytime I come back to Kentucky, I see that my wife has not only family to come back to, but also a type of homeland to which she can return. We were driving around in Henry County, Kentucky, and she was pointing out places from her childhood but she spent a lot of time at over the summers, where her grandmother used to live, as well as the church where she grew up. I wish I could identify with her, but I can’t.”
  6. Why Do We Stand to Read Scripture? “Every so often, I am asked this question:  ‘Why do we stand when we read scripture in church?’ I also have others who have asked me in the past when we haven’t stood for scripture reading, ‘Why didn’t we stand?’  Is this simply a tradition?  A preference?  Or do we have a biblical basis for this?
  7. Why I Was Pulling for the Broncos:  This is a blog about the Super Bowl fever that almost (almost) sucked me in to Bronco-mania. Thankfully, I’ve recovered. 🙂
  8. This is How We Leave the New Year? Secular Evangelism, Times Square, and a Troublesome Message for the New Year. “My children didn’t get the first one, but they heard the second one loud and clear and were mortified. Religion, according to Lennon (and Etheridge) is not the solution but the problem.”
  9. Is There Truly Any Dignity with Death?  “Life matters.  No, it may not be our quality, but with a God who numbers our days, those days matter.  Maynard handled this one way.  Tippetts handles it another way.  Death has dignity when you know the One who conquered sin, death, and hell.”
  10. How I Plan to Navigate an Established Church Through Change. “All churches and church members need to grow (we can’t stay put, can we?) and all churches need to go (Christ said so, didn’t He?), and so we continually evaluate what we could do better, what we must begin doing, and what is an obstacle to what needs doing.”

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