God Uses Ordinary Means for Extraordinary Purposes

To be content with Christ’s kingdom is to be satisfied also with his ordinary means of grace.  This is a big one.  We have trouble believing that weak things like a fellow sinner speaking in Christ’s name, both judgment and forgiveness, could actually expand Christ’s kingdom throughout the earth.  [They say,] Sure, there are sermons.  We need good teachers. But surely a growing church needs something more impressive that will catch people’s attention than the regular proclamation of and instruction in God’s Word.  After all, it’s not by preaching the gospel but by living it that we draw people to Christ. Surely, doing more in our community will make a larger impact than weekly prayers, especially for the mundane concerns that are common to everyone.  At the very least, we need to have sermons that focus on topics that our neighbors might find more helpful or interesting.  And yet, our King tells us that “Faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ” (Rom 10:17).  Through the lips of a fellow sinner, Christ judges, justifies, and renews us here and now.  The verdict of the final judgment is actually rendered in the present through this speech.

Michael S. Horton, Ordinary: A Sustainable Faith in a Radical Restless World, p. 146.

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