How an Episode of Columbo Feeds Our Christian Walk

Thanks to ME-TV (Memorable Entertainment Television), our children now get to watch some clean, classic television with some really good storylines.  One of my favorite shows was Columbo.  Peter Falk played him to perfection.  He always had “one more thing” to ask a suspect before he left a scene.  He looked rather disheveled and unkempt, but the writing and his portrayal of this unorthodox detective was, in its day, must see TV.

Yet, what made this show distinct was this: they always showed the crime and ‘whodunnit’ in the first 5-7 minutes.  Usually, the audience is left guessing as to the murderer.  Here, we know how it will end, but we spend our time wondering how Columbo will solve the case.

In Scripture, we know ‘whodunnit’ and how it will end.  But we spend our time wondering how our Heavenly Father will work it all out.  Admittedly, this is where the analogy breaks down.  None of the offenses committed against humanity, and ultimately against Himself (Psalm 51:4), catch God by surprise.  We have no Plan A, B, C, or D’.  What we have is a God in heaven working it all out, with the mystery being how God will bring His perfect and ultimate plan to fruition. 

Like the show, we know God will make it happen. 

But unlike Columbo, God is never in the dark—even though we may be. 

Rest your head tonight knowing that God will bring all things to His decided ends!  And if you are in Christ, rest knowing that God holds all that is in the hollow of his hands (see Isaiah 40). 

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