Links of Interest (10.25.2014)

Five Reasons There are No Millennials at Your Church (Chris Martin):  “You’re more likely to reach young people if you participate in their culture more than you criticize it.”  Boom!

Why No One Wants to Go to Church Anymore:  Interview with Thom Schultz:  “There is a difference between a friendly church and a welcoming church.”

A Vision for Church Revitalization (Aubrey Malphurs): “I’m not interested in planting a church! I’m interested in planting church planting churches. It’s not enough that we plant a single church.”

Six Retirement Lessons Hidden in 1980’s Songs (Dave Ramsey): “These six lessons will have you bobbing your head as you build a better future.”

Seven Good Things about the Houston Subpoena Controversy (Thom Rainer): “Let us continue to take a strong stand against those who attack the very heart of the gospel. But let us, at the same time, recognize that God is not thwarted in moments such as these.”

Arkansas Baptists Counter LGBT Ordinance (Baptist Press): Southern Baptists in an Arkansas city are working to overturn a homosexual-transgender ordinance in what apparently is the opening salvo in a new campaign to enact such legislation in the South.

Brainstorming Doesn’t Work: Try This Technique Instead (Rebecca Greenfield): “In most meetings with traditional brainstorming, a few people do 60-75% of the talking. With brainwriting, everyone gets a chance.”

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