Is Home Just Where Your Stuff Is?

Today, we make the final trek back to Denver, where we reside. While we miss family in Kentucky, most of us are ready to get home.

Home. God has us in South Denver for this season of our lives. Our prayer is that this would stand as a good long chapter in the book that God has penned for us.

I recently wrote about my feelings regarding the lack of homeland I have, and that my home is my family, my church, my pulpit, and my Jesus. But I do have a domicile, a place to lay my head to rest at night with my bride by my side, my dog at the end of the bed, my children in the beds, ready for the next day God gives.

Home also foreshadows the heavenly home we will have for eternity, safe in our Father’s care and protection.

Home. Almost there.

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One thought on “Is Home Just Where Your Stuff Is?

  1. Hello Matt. I’ve enjoyed your blog posts about home, and just where it is. Like you, I’ve moved [many times] in my life, and so [my earthly] home has been a little hard to determine.

    The thought that home is where your stuff is can also be a baffling experience. When we chose to move to our current location last year, in spite of the fact that the details came together beautifully, I still left my heart in the previous location.

    Things are better now but I’m not sure I would have got to where I am now in my head and heart if it weren’t for the Lord’s stability in my life.

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