(Brief) World Cup Prayer Guide: Croatia

604px-Coat_of_arms_of_Croatia_svgThe World Cup is underway, with Brazil beating Croatia 3-1 in a thriller–and not without controversy.  Croatia played admirably against the home team, but some decisions went Brazil’s way.

Croatia is a country with a thick , rich history the dates back centuries. Here’s some info found on Wikipedia.

Croatia is located in Central and Southeast Europe, bordering Hungary to the northeast Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, Montenegro to the southeast, the Adriatic Sea to the southwest andSlovenia to the northwest. It lies mostly between latitudes 42° and 47° N and longitudes 13° and 20° E. Part of the territory in the extreme south surrounding Dubrovnikis a practical exclave connected to the rest of the mainland by territorial waters, but separated on land by a short coastline strip belonging to Bosnia and Herzegovina around Neum.

The religious diversity in Croatia may surprise you from the statistics found below.

What may surprise you is how much the percentages of those who classify themselves as ‘atheist or agnostic’; as well as the small percentage of Protestants.  In reality, less that a 2% evangelical presence exists in southeastern Europe.

So we pray that:

  1. Pray that God would open up the eyes of those in Croatia to the gospel of Jesus.
  2. Pray for the safety of the Croat players while in Brazil.
  3. Pray in an informed way regarding the people in Eastern Europe through the IMB Europe website.
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