The Great Commission or the Great Complacency? The True Standard of Whether a Church is Working


If Jesus matters, then His Word matters. And if His Word matters, then people who are to hear this Word matter. And if people matter, then the ministries matter—the what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. Our ministries should reflect and reverberate from Christ and His Word. Even in Acts 2, when the church just started, they saw the need to keep priorities: “And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” This reverberation brought awe to every soul, brought a unity to the church, brought a commonality to what was needed, and they possessed a glad and generous heart.

Ministries are about giving—time, talents, money, and the Word—to people who need them.

You have seen around that our vision is to help all people take the next step in their journey with Christ. We want to have a laser focus of folks of helping people move forward. This echoes what Jesus said in that we are to make disciples of all nations—that we are to be witnesses.

Those steps are come to Christ, connect with His church, contribute to His Kingdom. These steps are not made up by your pastor or leaders here, but are decidedly biblical. And God, through this process, is showing us that we need forward momentum to get His work done.  It’s good for us to set goals, keeping the Great Commission as our true north in bring Christ to those who need him.  Why?

  • Scripture gives examples of goal-setting.
  • Develops proper steps for momentum and prevents stagnancy.
  • Provides a way to define and evaluate progress and success.

Many of you are hearing and reading a lot about our systems analysis. We could spend a boat-load of time discuss what exactly that means. In essence, it’s a process of making our ministries work and function better. By what standard?

This actually came up in a meeting we had, where one person voiced (not of his own opinion, but voicing what others might say), “Well, everything is working. The doors are open, people are here, bills are paid, people are getting along—everything is working. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here.” I submit to you that our standard of work is looking at whether we are fulfilling the Great Commission. ARBC must continue becoming a missions hub that makes Acts 1:8 a reality.

So let’s return to our premise: Jesus matters, right? The Word of God matters, right? Therefore people matter? Absolutely! Then our ministries must matter. Why do we do what we do? It’s not that our doors are open, but why are our doors open? 

We’ve heard it said that it’s not about budgets, bodies, and buildings—but I believe that’s too general.  Each of these areas, when fueled by the Great Commission, can be a great thing.

  • Budgets: The goal is not only to meet budget, but to free resources to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Bodies: The goal is not simply people coming in the door, but people coming to Christ and connecting with the church.
  • Buildings/Property: The goal is not just an attractive building for the saved to sit, but a missions hub for the saved to seek out the lost and strengthen the saved.

The Great Commission is the grid through which our church must function. 

Are we willing to look at all we do to see if it’s the Great Commission at work, or the Great Complacency?

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