Why I Was Pulling for the Broncos

2014-01-17 14.02.40Football-wise, I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan—but more and more I gravitated to the Denver Broncos.  This is an odd thing.  I grew up liking the Browns a lot, but 1986 (The Drive), 1987 (The Fumble), and 1989 (The Blowout) did not endear me to the Broncos one bit.

Then I moved to Denver and slowly but surely started pulling for them a bit vigorously.  Here are a few reasons (I give them if for no other reason than to put pen to paper, so to speak). 

  1. Relief.  Denver and Colorado in general have been through quite a bit over the last few years.  Seeing them have some relief from the various events that took place encouraged me.  It makes me realize how all of us need Christ to provide the comfort, relief, and perspective needed that football only touches.  The gospel is what grips!
  2. Identity.  I live in Denver, and love it!  I love that God sent me to a city and to a church that I absolutely treasure.  I love that God sent me to a city that needs the gospel desperately.  When you love the people, you begin to love what they love.  We must keep a constant reminder that, as believers, our ultimate identity is being united in Christ not being United in Orange. 
  3. Knowledge.  The news covers the Broncos endlessly here in Denver.  For me, it’s about the players themselves.  You get to know Peyton Manning and his epic work ethic, his faith, his family.  You get to know some of the issues regarding the other players, such as Von Miller’s numerous off-field issues, and this fuels your prayer life that Christ would turn him around.  Sure, these guys are on the team because of a paycheck and a contract.  When they become free agents or the team decides to move on, they move on.  But they are part of our community here in Denver.  It’s hard not to pull for ‘your people.’ 

Yes, they lost the Super Bowl 43-8 in rather epic fashion.  And it is just a game.  But this team is a part of our community.  But, again, let this help us recognize our need for community, and for a community that truly matters and will truly last. 

And may we as a church find ourselves ready to truly develop a gospel-centered community and to share the stories that God is writing in our lives as we take that next step in our journey with Christ.

Just some post-Super Bowl thoughts. 

Tell me, why do you root for the sports teams you root for?

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