What Keeps You Up at Night?

Aside from the effects of roundkick or sidekick exercises at Tae Kwon Do, not much keeps me up at night.  And even with this, an Advil or two usually does the job.  But no amount of Advil can cure what ails a mind and heart–even to the point of losing sleep.

I often joke that very little makes me lose sleep–but that doesn’t mean nothing makes me lose sleep.  I do have a few.

  • Fractured relationships:  I truly love my family, friends, and church family.  The closer one is to a relationship, any type of fracture in that relationship is troublesome.  At times, I may lie awake wondering if I could have done something to prevent the fracture, or what I can do to remedy this.  On occasion (about once in a decade), I realize that there’s little more I can do, and I must leave this in God’s hands to change hearts, whether mine or theirs.
  • Past sins:  Satan is most definitely called the “accuser of the saints” for a reason (Revelation 12:9).  If he cannot keep you from coming to Christ, he will work to keep you from enjoying Christ.  Rather than focusing on the Savior, Satan works to have you focus on the sin from which the Savior saved you.  He reminds you, and you wrestle with regret and a wish that you would have done things differently.  How many of us are hijacked by this?
  • The grandeur of the work in Denver: Denver has a 90 percent non church rate, and I often wonder what one church can do to help move the darkness back. God brought me a long way, from Kentucky to Colorado, to my mission field. And I have grown to love this place more than I ever thought I could. I want to embrace the people, the culture, and the work in a way that helps all people take that next app in there journey with Christ. And I want to bring people on board who feel that same way and share that same vision. So I stay awake at times, thinking both of the great burden of the need as well as the great opportunities that excite me.

What about you? What keeps you up nights?

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