Bible Reading Plans for 2014

I hope all of you will begin a Bible reading plan on January 1, 2014 (in fact, I hope you’ll start one on December 30, 2013).  To me, it’s a lot like working out or studying for a test.  It’s better to work out or study a little bit each day rather than try to catch up or cram after being off for a week (and I’m certainly feeling that exercise-wise during the holidays).

There’s no shortage of Bible reading plans.  Here are a few I’d recommend:

  • Download the YouVersion Bible app for iPhone/iPad or Android or various other formats.  With scores of Bible translations to choose from, you may read on the app, have the Bible reading sent to your e-mail, or have the app read it to you (at times, I have the ESV read to me while driving).  Plus, you can download a number of various Bible reading plans.
  • McCheyne Bible Reading Plan:  With both OT and NT readings, you’ll read through the OT once, the Psalms and NT twice.  Usually, the readings take between 15-20 minutes per day, so you can split them up between morning and evening.  You can even take one aspect of it and use it for family worship. D.A. Carson has an excellent devotional based on this Bible plan that you may subscribe to here.
  • The One Year Bible:  In book form, these are already-arranged readings through the ESV (other versions are available).
  • The Bible in 90 Days:  The title is self-explanatory.  Are you up for this?

You may also look in the back of your study Bibles–usually, you’ll find a Bible reading plan there.  The ESV Study Bible and the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible both have plans.

Will you begin reading through the Scriptures?

What plan will you use?

Will you get with another to share what you’ve learned?

Take that next step in your journey with Christ.

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