Change in Name. Intentional in Focus. Still Gospel Gripped.

ImageWhile I love blogging, blogging is not the center of my life.  The order of my priorities are as follows:

  1. Christ (who saved me and called me);
  2. My wife (my love, my partner in ministry)
  3. My children (who Christ gave to me as the first of those whom I am to disciple);
  4. Arapahoe Road Baptist Church (to whom Christ called me to serve as His undershepherd);
  5. My community (where God placed ARBC);
  6. A plethora of other areas to where God would have me serve and influence for the Kingdom (including blogging).

Here in Colorado, there’s no shortage of things about which to blog:  civil unions, legalization of marijuana, fires and floods (and the disaster relief that comes along), sermons and takeaways therein, and of recent school shootings and Phil Robertson (the last two items are in my mental queue to address).

But I have looked at blogging wrongly.  When I first started back in 2006, I wanted to blog for the universal church.  Now, as 2014 approaches, I want to do with this platform what I’ve always wanted to do with my life: serve the church to whom Christ called me.  

As a result, the assumed focus of the blog will be assumed no longer.  My focus will be to edify, encourage, and exhort the church where Christ called me–and should anyone else wish to look in, then praise God.  

I think this is where a lot of pastors just starting out miss the mark: they want to make a worldwide, or even a national impact like some of their heroes–all the while missing the local impact they could be having.  Now that I’m here in Colorado and now that I’m getting into my 40s, I’m finding some perspectives changing (possible fodder for future blog posts).

So the new name of this blog will be “Confessions of a Colorado Pastor.”  The goal of this blog will be:

  • To encourage our church to help all peoples inside and outside the church to take that next step in their journey with Christ.
  • To enlighten our church as to some of the things pastors think about and study (pulling back the veil, if you will).
  • To evaluate the culture and the systems our church has and should have in the process of moving forward with the vision God has given to help as many as God would have come, connect, and contribute to the cause of Christ through ARBC.  

Still Gospel Gripped?  Always.  But I shall blog as a pastor, an amalgamation of husband, father, preacher, teacher, Bible scholar, counselor, apologetician, chaplain, vision caster, systems analyzer, culture cultivator, staff supervisor, equipper of leaders–and follower of Christ first and foremost.  

Many have high expectations of pastors–some based on Scriptures (which is good), others based on their own perceptions (which is bad).  If the expectations are based on Scriptures, then those same Scriptures show that pastors are human beings saved by grace, called by Christ to shepherd other sinners saved by grace.  But if folks begin putting their own expectations on pastors, then when they themselves are offended due to a breach of their own standards, little grace is extended to pastors.  

Having said that, I shall never under any circumstances blog about confidential matters, or matters dealt with in regards to a person-to-person issue.  Matthew 18:15-17 still holds.  Any trace of this potential breach of confidentiality will never be intentional.  

This will not serve as a daily blog–although I may have stretches where I do blog daily.  I do not want to force out material that will carry little weight.  The blog will serve me, not vice versa.  

We shall see where God takes this.  But this blog is His, not mine ultimately.  

Change in name. Intentional in focus.  Still Gospel Gripped!

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