Praying for Those Yet to Believe

Last night, we took time at our prayer meeting to pray for workers to go into the plentiful harvest (Luke 10:2).  The need is great.  Only the gospel of Jesus Christ can meet that great need.

Watch this video from the North American Mission Board about the need here out West.  Take a look and pray for us as we seek to be a light in the wild, wild West.

Below is a prayer guide for us as we pray for unbelievers.  May God continue to give us a desire for prayer and a bold heart to love the lost in prayer.

  1. Bring the person to recognize and understand his emptiness and purposelessness in life. Bring him to
    the end of himself so that he will turn to You.
  2. Cause him to hunger and thirst for more in life.
  3. Bring him to understand the truth of his condition without Christ and to understand what Christ has
    done for his salvation.
  4. Bring conviction of sin. Allow the consequences of his sin to cause him to desire a different life. Let
    him become fed up with his life as it is.
  5. Jesus, reveal the Father to him.
  6. Father, exalt Jesus in his eyes.
  7. Father, draw him to Yourself and Your Son Jesus.
  8. Guide and create circumstances that create a need, then show Your love through meeting needs
    through me or others of Your people.
  9. Bring godly people into his life that will influence him for Christ.
  10. Prepare circumstances in his relationships where a Christian (me if You choose) will have the
    opportunity to forgive him and thus reveal something of Your mercy.
  11. Open his ears to hear Your call.
  12. Allow him to see the unity and love of Your people in a way that he is convinced that Jesus must be
    sent from You. Convince him that Jesus is indeed the Savior of the world.
  13. Prepare his life to receive the planting of Your Word.
  14. Protect him from Satan’s attempts to blind him and steal away the Word that has been sown.
  15. Reduce the cares of the world around him that could choke the seed planted.
  16. Raise up intercessors in behalf of this person. Guide my praying for him.
  17. Reveal to me the time and the way for me to share a witness about You and to tell him about the
    good news of salvation.
  18. Bring him under the hearing and influence of Your Word through teaching or preaching. Create in him
    an openness to listen.
  19. Create opportunities for him to hear a witness for Christ from several different trusted sources. Use
    the timing and diversity of these witnesses to convince him that You are the Author behind them all.
  20. Cause him to recognize his need for a Savior.
  21. Lord, do whatever it takes to cause this person to seek after You. Break the hardness of his heart
    toward You.

Claude King, Final Command Action Manual (Murfreesboro, TN: Final Command Resources, 2001), 49-50.
Used by permission. You have permission to reproduce for use in your church or small group.

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