Going on Vacation? A Church Member’s Guide to Vacationing Well

You may think, “This is toward the end of September, and you’re telling us this now?”  Hey, sometimes with this blog, topics are planned, and then topics just press upon me.

The ebb and flow of our church, attendance-wise, shows that a good number of people go on vacation in August and September.  In August, our young families get one last vacation in before school starts.  In September, our more seasoned families go on vacation because (1) it’s cooler, and  (2) all those kids on vacation in August are now in school by September—or at least they should be.

Vacations and get-aways have their purpose.  But one thing we as believers should never get away from is times of worship with other believers in Christ.  We shouldn’t take a break from that. 

Do some research before your trip to find a place of worship near your vacation spot. 

  • If you’re part of our denomination, you can go to http://www.sbc.net and click on Church Search to input the city and state you are in.  But you can Google any denomination, or Google any city and find a church on the Chamber of Commerce website. 
  • You can also use Facebook.  I’ve seen some ask, “Hey, I’m going to be in Lexington, Kentucky over the next couple of Sundays—does anyone have a church they would recommend?”  Those of us who were from the area could chime in. 
  • Don’t forget to ask your pastors.  I know Pastor Adam, Pastor Steven or I at our church would be more than happy to do the research for you.  We may know some pastors in an area you’re going.   But the point is, don’t take a break from gathering with other believers in Christ.   

Take time to pray as a family for each other and for your church.

  • Pray that the preaching of the Word would take hold of your brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • Pray that seeds of the gospel would be planted in one who is not yet in the Kingdom, that they would repent of their sins and surrender to Christ.
  • Pray God would unleash the church into the community so more would come.
  • Pray at how God would call you to invest your resources (prayer, time, money, etc.) into seeing the Great Commission be a living reality at our church now that you’re back and refreshed. 
  • Pray that God would give you a renewed passion for His work and His church!
  • Pray that God would put someone in your path on vacation with whom you can share the gospel. 

Don’t take a break from being a believer, gathering with other believers, praying for the believers you worship with back home, or your willingness to share Jesus with others while on vacation. 

What are your thoughts?  What kind of kingdom work can you do in the ebb and flow of your vacation?

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