A Hymn Upon Romans 5:6-11

When we were destitute of strength,
Ourselves to help or save,
Christ for ungodliness at length
His life a ransom gave.

For one that’s righteous, we would grudge
To lay our life at stake;
And for a good man, it were much
Such an exchange to make.

But God His matchless love commends,
In that Christ Jesus dies
For us, when we were not His friends,
But wretched enemies.

Much more, being justify’d and free
Thro’ His own blood, from sin;
From wrath to come we sav’d shall be,
Ev’n by the life of Him.

For if, when enemies, for us
Christ’s death did end the strife;
Much more, when reconciled thus,
He’ll save us by His life.

Yea, more than so, we triumph now
In God with one accord,
Having receiv’d atonement through
Christ Jesus our own Lord.

Wherefore to Him, who is the first
Begotten of the dead,
Who over earthly princes must
Be supreme Lord and Head:

Ev’n unto Him who loved us so,
To wash us in His blood,
And make us king and priests unto
His Father and His God:

To Him dominion therefore,
By us be given, when
This present world shall be no more;
To which we say, amen.

–John Flavel, quoted in Adam Embry’s An Honest, Well Experienced Heart: The Piety of John Flavel

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