A Longing for Liberation


Recently, my wife and I were at a local state park not too long ago where a local elementary school was putting forth a reenactment of a battle of the American Revolution. I had my iPhone with me and took a good amount of pictures. The picture I’ve included here was my favorite: the Spirit of ’76 flag waving right along side the Gadsden flag with the phrase, “Don’t Tread on Me.” They fought for liberty.

We all want liberty, but in what way? Do we want simply to do what we want? That can be the worst thing in the world for us–ask the alcoholic or drug user!

Jesus provides another freedom: the truth will set us free–freedom only found through the Son (John 8:31-36). Jesus did not provide freedom to sin, but freedom from the dominion of sin. Sin and self no longer rule when Christ reigns!

Then we can say to Satan and self, ” Don’t tread on me” (see Romans 16:19-20).


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One thought on “A Longing for Liberation

  1. John Mihigo

    Oh Matt,

    How I loved this reflection. It shows what genuine Christian freedom is. I have met many civilised Christians who think that freedom is doing what we want including to sin!! So what is the decalogue about? What does the Spirit teach and command and empower us to do? I think freedom is being free to do only what is right, what is loving, and what honours God, since it will never conflict with what is in our interest and that of any other person – neighbour and all.

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