Why Would I Travel to a Preaching Conference?

As I write this, I am in Shelbyville, Kentucky staying with my very cool mother-in-law, preparing for a preaching conference called Expositors Summit, hosted by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Albert Mohler, Alistair Begg, and John MacArthur will share with those of us committed to exposition how to preach in an engaging manner for the sake of transformation, not simply information.

Why would I, a husband, dad of four, and pastor travel by plane 1100 miles east to attend such a thing?

  1. Pastors need refueling!  The demands of ministry are a blessing.  I am grateful for every witnessing opportunity, every time of leadership training, every counseling session, and the three times of teaching (sometimes four)–all for the glory of God, the good of the saints, and for helping us engage with the community.  With preaching that leaves a little piece of us out there every time, the tank gets toward empty.  God provides these opportunities like these conferences in order to keep the tank spiritually full!
  2. Pastors need refreshing!  Part of a pastor’s job is not simply to read the Word nor to explain the Word (that is critical), but as you read Nehemiah 8, we need to by the Spirit’s power apply and inspire!    Pastor’s conferences worth their salt do this as well.  They fire us up to commit to the excellence of the calling God has called us to. 
  3. Pastors need reminding!   Acts 6:4 says that the apostles were to commit to prayer and ministry of the Word.  We need that reminding.  With all the administrative duties that are inherent with our pastorates, that must not overrun the public preaching of God’s Word, the private reading and praying over God’s Word, and the personal counseling of the saints with the Word. 

Thanks so much to Arapahoe Road Baptist Church where I pastor for providing me these opportunities.  Times like this will not only benefit me, but we do pray that this will benefit them in the short and long term.

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