The New Creation of the Church is More Amazing Than Even a 14er!


Tomorrow, I have the pleasure of going with another member of our church and a couple of his friends over to the Dillon area to climb another 14er (a mountain whose peak reaches over 14,000 ft.—quite a few here in the Colorado Rockies).  As you see from the picture, Grays (to the left) and Torreys (to the right) both reach to this height.  The ascent and descent total is around 8 miles on what looks to be good terrain. 

The thoughts of doing this as a resident of Kentucky never occurred to me.  But being here in Colorado, seeing the challenge, having good friends alongside, and the feeling of accomplishment once completed will be worth the time.  The best part about this is appreciating and glorifying God with his marvelous creativity! 

God displays his marvelous ‘new’ creativity in his church.  The variety he puts on display with the different people he brings together is amazing!  As amazing as the first creation is, as outlined in Genesis 1, the new creation is more miraculous—he takes that which is dead and rebellious against God and makes them alive in Christ (Ephesians 2:1-4). 

If you want to see more pictures of what the hike looks like along the way, click here

Oh, and ARBC family, if I’m sitting down to preach this coming Sunday, at least you’ll know why!  (Kidding—I only will stand barring an injury.  It’s God’s Word proclaimed, after all!)

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