Understanding The Sovereignty of God in Everyday Life: The Beauty of the Process

On Sunday nights, we are going through the book of  Ecclesiastes, branding the series as, "How Do You Measure Success?" He sets the table by expressing the vanity or meaninglessness of everything under the sun: work, pleasure, wisdom–we will all soon die and be forgotten, so what’s the use?  This is the thrust of chapters 1-2. The perspective is that of "under the sun"–the earthly perspective.

Chapter 3 begins with a new perspective, that of "under heaven."  This is the vantage point of a sovereign God who has all things under control.  Nothing is flying under His radar.  The cycles that life brings (3:1-8) shows the beauty that God is ordering all things rightly (3:9-15).
Yet, Qoholeth still struggles.  He sees injustice and oppression by the powerful (3:16-4-4), but he knows that God will judge the righteous and the wicked (3:17).

What do we see?

First, we see the necessity of thinking through the process of connecting biblical truths with the reality of everyday life.  We know from Scripture God’s vantage point and God’s control.  This is clear—and this needs to inform that which is not clear, such as why certain things happen “under the sun.”  Scripture needs to inform our experiences and perceptions, not the other way around. 

Secondly, we see why it is critical to have a clear and precise on who God is.  We have to have a great understanding of what the Scriptures say about his character: his holiness, his love, his justice, his eternality, and mercy.  In order to be seeker sensitive, churches have started gearing their preaching and teaching and ministries around the needs of men.  Yet, Scripture says that “none seek after God” in their fallen nature (Romans 3:10).  The only true Seeker we have in Christ.  Christ seeks after us before we come to Him (Luke 15:1-10), and we must seek after Him (Hebrews 12:14). 

Thirdly, don’t simply see the necessity of the process, embrace this process.  If Christ has truly gripped you with His gospel, this process will be a precious time for you to seek after Him and His Word even more.  You will find yourself praying more, reading more, talking more—all to understand the Christian walk from mature Christian individuals.  Christ will sharpen you in such a way that you will be razor sharp on the other side of this valley. 

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