David Platt on How Divine Sovereignty Fuels Death-Defying Missions (T4G 2012)

Together for the Gospel 2012 took place in Louisville, Kentucky this past week.  I attended the inaugural one in 2006—I cannot adequately express what a blessing that one to have 3,000 men singing solid theology at the top of their lungs, followed by the challenge of the gospel being clear in everything we do, especially our sermons.  Who knows?  In some subconscious way, the name of this blog may trace back to those days. 

This past week, 7,500 attended!  Young, old, in-between.  While the usual cast brought it, some others were added to the mix.  You can go to the Together for the Gospel website for all the audio and video from the conference.

Below, David Platt (whom you may know as the author of the books Radical and Radical Together as well as being a pastor in Birmingham, Alabama), brought a powerful message on missions entitled “The Divine Sovereignty of God Fuels Death-Defying Missions.” 

Two premises:  local missions and ministry are totally necessary; and global missions are tragically neglected.

May the charge he gives to pastors be taken to heart.

May the charge he gives to local churches be taken to heart.

And action!

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