To Understand the Muslims’ Reaction in Afghanistan, You Must Understand This!


Joe Carter at The Gospel Coalition put up an exceedingly helpful article in understanding the Muslims’ reaction in Afghanistan to the burning of the Quran.  In fact, he concisely gives some background into what happened, along with an explanation.

Most helpful for Christians specifically and Americans in general is understanding the parallels of the Quran is for that in the Christian faith.  One Muslim scholar succinctly put it this way:

It is not a book in the ordinary sense, nor is it comparable to the Bible, either the Old or New Testaments. . . . If you want to compare it with anything in Christianity, you must compare it with Christ Himself . . . Christ was the expression of the Divine among men, the revelation of the Divine Will. That is what the Qur’an is.

In my opinion, our foreign policy must realize this: whereas for Americans, religion and politics are separate to varying degrees, for Muslims the socio-economic, religious, and political are all intertwined.  Our government in their quest for a solid foreign policy, along with well-informed ambassadors, need more in their braintrust who understand this all-important cog in the machine.  Americans may separate this, but those in Muslim countries do not. 

May God continue to raise up Christians who love Muslims enough to understand them and to minister to them.  If you wish to know more about this, R.C. Sproul and former Muslim Abdul Saleeb discuss the distinctions between the theologies of Islam and Christianity in a series called “The Cross and the Crescent”—eight 23-minute messages.  I purchased these during a recent $5 Friday they have each week—priceless!  These messages have been running this past week on Ligonier’s daily audio broadcast “Renewing Your Mind.”  Here is what’s been posted so far:

The ones coming up to finish out the week are:

  • The Necessity of the Atonement (February 29)
  • Christ: God & Man (March 1)
  • The Authenticity of Scripture (March 2)

Not all Muslims are terrorists—but it is important to go to the foundations of all Muslim groups and subgroups to understand their motivation.  That way, we can more clearly show them the way of Christ. 

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