Cell Phones, Beware: Pastor Loses His Temper Mid-Sermon

(HT:  Ed Stetzer)

Some thoughts:

  • He’s preaching on the love of God.
  • A phone ringing while you are trying to preach and while some are trying to listen is annoying, yes.
  • But she answered the phone and was talking (!) while he was trying to preach! 
  • He did what my old coach in high school used to do to many a stopwatch!

Thoughts?  Before you post any thoughts, just remember that pastors are called by God and the majority love Christ and His Word—but many still struggle with the flesh.  We do not know what this man was dealing with in the minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years prior to this encounter.  But with 1500 ministers leaving the ministry each month for various reasons, we need to recognize that this was not an isolated event.

So… thoughts?

[Update on Sunday, February 12, 2012:  Janice commented on this that this was staged, just a joke!  But we remembered it, didn’t we?]

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3 thoughts on “Cell Phones, Beware: Pastor Loses His Temper Mid-Sermon

  1. JB

    I found the child hollering in the background to be much more annoying. That said, the fact that her cell phone rang could have been an accident and that, had she simply silenced it and put it away, that the accident would have been overlooked. That she continued a discussion without leaving the meeting hall/sanctuary was disrespectful to the minister and those in the congregation.

    I would hesitate to claim that this minister lost his temper. Had he went on a screaming rampage I would be much more inclined to agree that his anger got the best of him. He silently motioned for the cell phone and then slammed it to the ground before returning to the podium and picking his message up right where he left off, and in a calm tone. Slamming the cell phone against the ground was probably a bit excessive, however, I do not believe that he lost his temper while doing so. I think his temper was in check the entire time.

    Let me pose a question to you, Dr. Perry. As a minister, do you believe that his actions were justified? Her actions were highly disrespectful for a place of worship, especially during a sermon. Jesus cleansed the temple when he felt it had been desecrated by turning over tables and using a whip to clear the crowd. This video was very similar. Thoughts?

  2. Janice

    This was in our church, totally staged as a joke… I was there. The “cell phone was a kids lego toy so it would make a lot of noise. We used it the following Sunday to remind people to silence their cell phones and everyone in our congregation loved it. They loved it mostly because any action of that sort is TOTALLY out of character for our pastor.

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