Biblical Authority in an Age of Uncertainty (Video)

Biblical Authority in an Age of Uncertainty from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

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One thought on “Biblical Authority in an Age of Uncertainty (Video)

  1. jimmiedon

    This was worthwhile, and, due to the depth of the Bible, we need to go back and reconsider the intellectual aspect of inspired Scripture. After all, the first requirement of the Gospel is repentance which in the 1700s, for example, was taken to mean a change of mind based upon reflection, as an afterthought. Over 40 years ago, I was working on a Masters in American Social & Intellectual History, when I it struck me that the Bible, being inspired by Omniscience, must reflect a depth of understanding of God and man commensurate with that fact. Our biggest problem today is not the critical approach, as troubling as that seems; it is the fact that the depth of Holy Writ even in its clear parts has escaped the consideration that it should receive from human beings. We have a terrible tendency to think, “Oh, I understand it now.” And we do that after a little thought following some methods of evaluation, when the truth of the matter is even as a friend of mine discovered. He was fishing on a mountain stream near Danville, Va., when he decided to cross the stream in order to reach another location that he thought would be productive. He looked down at the stream. He said he could see the bottom and the grains of sand rolling along the bottom. “two or three feet deep.” he thought, and he stepped off into the stream and nearly drowned. He had not taken into account the fact that he was looking into another medium that had powers of magnification. The mountain stream was eighteen to twenty feet deep. He said he came up, grasping for every sprig of grass in sight, anything to save his life. So it is with the word of God; there is a depth to it even in the clear parts that defy the normative senses of man. Just consider the issue of paradoxical intervention, of reframing, and even of reconstituting with new content. In such cases, one must consider that the seemingly opposite, the impossible, is the very thing need to make some possible. Jesus said it so plainly, “With man it is Impossible.”(Mk.10) Thus, we find the woman of Canaan responding to the doctrine of total depravity and reprobation in Mt.15:21-28 as it it were candy and winning the commendation of her “great faith.”

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