VBS is Done—Now What?

Vacation Bible School is done at our church (Boone’s Creek Baptist Church).  The months of preparation for the Bible study, recreation, crafts, missions, and puppets were poured into 23 combined hours of children’s and youth ministry this week.  We averaged about 135 with a high attendance of 140.  Four children came to know Christ, many contacts were made, many seeds were planted (1 Corinthians 3:1-8)–and joy filled every heart involved.

So now what?  A number of things I would suggest:

  1. Continue to pray for the children and youth that came to our VBS. Some of the children belong to families at our church, others belong to another church, still others belong to no church.  There is still work to do!
  2. Continue to pray hard for and work hard with our children’s ministry.  We may be tempted to think, “Wow, this is just a once a year thing.”  But our children’s workers in Sunday School, Extended Session, TeamKID work hard for our Easter Egg Hunt, Trunk for Treat, VBS, and a ton of other ministries.  Seriously, it’s a VBS mentality all year long!  Let’s tap into that momentum God has given us!
  3. Pray for us as we follow up, especially on those who made professions of faith.  The next two weeks after VBS are crucial.  Help us to be good stewards of our time and that God would give us the words to say not just to the children, but to the parents and grandparents as well!

What else can you do?

  1. Give us your pictures taken at VBS! We need to preserve these incredible moments.  So if you could upload them to a picture website or copy them onto a disk, we will do the rest! 
  2. Take time to thank a VBS worker, either personally or via Thank You note.  Lots of hard work and preparation went into this, as well as a lot of love.  Christ was truly honored this week through them.

What are some things you would suggest in this post-VBS season at your church?

Here’s another good article on the subject. 

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