Links to Help Your Grip (6.11.2011)

On the Folly of Preaching Too Long by Charles Spurgeon

Length is the enemy of strength. The delivery of a discourse is like the boiling of an egg; it is remarkably easy to overdo it, and so to spoil it. You may physic a man till you make him ill, and preach to him till you make him wicked. From satisfaction to satiety there is but a single step; a wise preacher never wishes his hearer to pass it. Enough is as good as a feast, and better than too much.  Having learned by long experience that we exactly fill the 12 pages which our publishers allow for a penny sermon, when we speak for 40 or 45 minutes, we have come to adopt that period as our stint, and we usually find it neither too short nor too long.

Ron Paul Steals the Show at the Faith Coalition by Doug Wead (HT: Aaron Yates)

Ron Paul surprised delegates at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference last week by quoting long portions of the Bible to buttress his political views. Romney, Bachman, Pawlenty and most of the other GOP presidential hopefuls showed up at the event. The Faith and Freedom Coalition is organized by Ralph Reed and is referred to by some as the new Christian Coalition. But while some of the speakers stumbled uncomfortably over Christian buzzwords, likely supplied by their handlers, and other speakers ignored the special character of their audience altogether, Ron Paul launched into a scriptural defense of his views.

Be Welcoming, Get a Good Website by Kevin De Young

I have never been one to encourage churches to chase the latest trends. The secret to successful ministry is that there is no secret. The most faithful and fruitful churches are those that plod in mission, persevere in godliness, and preach the word.

But increasingly, if your church does not have a decent website you’re uninviting a lot of people who might otherwise have plodded, persevered, and sat under good preaching with you.

New Evidence: The Gospels Were Based on Eyewitness Accounts by Dr. Peter Williams (YouTube—53 minutes)

SBC Discussion:  Not Your Daddy’s Church by Calvin Wittman

As a father of three children, all in their 20s, and a pastor who has reared these children in what I consider to be a “normal” Southern Baptist church, I’ve recently been forced to come to terms with a startling reality: My children don’t want to go to a church like the one in which they were reared.

Caricatures of True Preaching by Alistair Begg

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