Church Growth vs. Church Seasons

Trevin Wax referred to this article in his blog on “Church Growth vs. Church Seasons.”  I found it very enlightening and insightful—and surprising.  One doesn’t think of a healthy, biblically based, biblically driven church losing members as part of a particular season.  Like any church, our church (Boone’s Creek Baptist Church) has it’s seasons of growth and seasons where people leave for a myriad of reasons.  It’s exciting when people come—and oh so difficult and painful when they leave, regardless of the reason.

This article gives some great honesty about the ups and downs and issues with looking solely at numbers.  God brings in, but God also may prune.  When referring to the levelling out or plateauing in numbers, he brings up a number of issues that are developed in this article:

  1. This situation is not unusual.
  2. Non-stop numerical growth is not a biblical expectation.
  3. Healthy churches go through life cycles of growth, pruning, decline, and blessing.
  4. Figuring out what season you’re in is important.
  5. The reality of size preference.
  6. The real issue is health and witness.
  7. Some things can be done in any season.

This is worth the read!

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