Trinidad Missions Trip Update #1 (4/2/2011)

Yes, we made it to Trinidad with no shortage of challenges.

  • Our 2:55 pm flight from Cincinnati to Miami was delayed two hours to 5:00 pm due to a malfunction. 
  • We made it to Miami at 7:45, but we had to stay on the plane for 20 minutes until an airline agent arrived, thus making us miss our 8:15 pm connection to Trinidad by 90 seconds (no exaggeration);
  • We stood in line for 90 minutes to rebook. 
  • We waited for over an hour for a free shuttle to our hotel.  All of us stayed in different hotels.  Bro. Turner had to go all the way to South Beach (30 minutes away) at his own expense both ways.
  • We made it to Trinidad, but our luggage didn’t.  All the crafts, tracts, supplies–none of it made it.  All of us have two days worth of clothing–and day two is done today.  I look forward to preaching tomorrow in jeans and a Louisville T-Shirt. 

So is the trip a disaster?  An abject failure?  Not worth coming?  Hardly the case.  These trials have galvanized this group–we were able to endure this because we were together for the Lord’s work.  We are learning so much about God and ourselves, knowing that our purpose in being here is to be faithful to the Great Commission Christ gave to us.  The attitude of the team has been extraordinary!  Nary a cross word, nary a bad attitude!  Absolutely amazing!

Pray the bags make it, but pray that we know we are armed with the Word and the Spirit.  God will receive the glory! 


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