The Profile of an Average American Male

Several years ago, USA Today carried an article from Men’s Health magazine profiling.  The article was based on “reports, surveys, and reams of marketing data.”  The report was not encouraging.  The study revealed that the average American man:

  • Loses his virginity at seventeen.
  • Marries at twenty-six.
  • Can run a mile, but it takes him twelve minutes.
  • Can do only thirty to thirty-three sit-ups per minute.
  • Sleeps seven hours a night.
  • Buys frozen pizza four times a month.
  • Can bench press only eighty-eight percent of his body weight.
  • Has seventy to eighty pounds of muscle.
  • Watches TV about twenty-eight hours per week.
  • Saves less than three thousand dollars per year for retirement.
  • Earns an annual salary of $29,533.
  • Is 5’9” tall and weighs 172 pounds.
  • Will have sex with five to ten partners during his lifetime.
  • Will consume eleven beers in a seven-day period.

Given this dismal portrait, I am not surprised fewer and fewer women are marrying.  We should probably be amazed that they are marrying at all.

(Excerpt from Daniel Akin’s God on Sex: The Creator’s Idea About Love, Intimacy and Marriage). 

Thoughts on this?  He brings out some interesting concerns regarding the physical inactivity and the sexual activity of the American male.  Still processing this list, though. 

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One thought on “The Profile of an Average American Male

  1. theodidaktos

    I’m thankful for the above average men. Unfortunately, with any average, there has to be “below average” men… Our society has neglected God’s ancient paths, and we are reaping the consequences of it.

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