Fast Day 16 of 21: Are You a Cooling Piece of Charcoal?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

“Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together, as is the habit of some” (Hebrews 10:25, KJV).

Think you can live your Christian life alone?  Do you believe that this is acceptable or even helpful? 

Mindy Yates, a member of our church and a key part of our On-Mission Team, passed this along from the International Mission Board’s CompassionNet Prayer request last week for the Bozo of West Africa:

“T was preparing to head back to his village for awhile. God prompted me to use an analogy I had heard to explain his upcoming challenges. I reached to move away a piece of glowing charcoal with my knife, and told T, ‘Tell me what the charcoal in the stove is doing.’ A little confused, T responded, ‘They are hot and doing their work.’ I picked up the now cooled piece and said, ‘Tell me about this one.’ T said, ‘It is not hot, and it cannot do its work. It needs the others to stay hot.’ I nodded and said, ‘It is the same for Christians. God intends for Christians to be with each other so they can keep each other on fire for Him and do their work.’ T nodded his understanding with a grin. I continued, ‘You will be the only Christian in your village. The only way for one piece of charcoal to stay hot is to put fire under it. The fire you need is the Word of God and prayer. It is good for Christians to be together, but with those two things, God’s Spirit will keep you hot.’ T smiled and said, ‘I understand and I will do these things, but things are changing. If God wills, I will be able to share Jesus and others will join me.’ Please pray for endurance for this separated brother, and ask that God will use him to reach others in his village.”

Far too many Christians believe that can truly remain hot without coming together with other believers in a local assembly (church). The fact is, they become cool without even knowing it. It’s like the frog in the kettle: throw him in boiling water, he hops right out. Put him in tepid water and slowly turn up the heat, he gets used to his surroundings and is boiled to death.

Some have said that it only takes two weeks in a row away from church for it to become a habit. Yes, there are church services on television, numerous sermons online via webcasts and podcasts. But there is a reason God commanded us to assemble together. We need to stay white hot for Christ, and this cannot be done alone.

READ John 16.

Pray for yourself and the three people God has called you to reach for Jesus.

Fast to disconnect from this world.

Journal your journey!

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