Reading-Praying-Fasting for 21 Days in January

[This is an e-mail I sent to the church I pastor—Boone’s Creek Baptist Church—for a state convention initiative called Find It Here.  Please pray for us as we commit to read, pray, and fast for ourselves and those whom we are trying to reach.]

I have been challenged on a number of fronts regarding the role of prayer and fasting in the life of the Christian.  One of the biggest places where I’ve been challenged is through the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Find It Here 2011 Initiative (  They are asking KBC churches to spend 21 days doing three things:

  • Reading through the gospel of John (1 chapter per day of the fast for 21 days);
  • Praying for three people that need to know Jesus and that God would use us to reach them;
  • Fasting to disengage from the things of this world that take us away;
  • Journal your journey.

I’ve often said that praying is connecting with God, fasting is disconnecting from the things of this world.  You can read more about FIH’s Prayer and Fasting here ( 
I would like from us to have this RPF (read-pray-fast) time from January 10-30.  Begin praying about your commitment to this and ask God what he would have you fast from.  It could be:

  • food
  • electronics (TV, computer, iPods, etc.)
  • Internet
  • committing to reading Scripture only

The list could go on, but it should and must require a sacrifice of something that takes an inordinate amount of time away from the disciplines of praying, Scripture reading, and service to Christ. 
As the old hymn says, “Who will come and go with me” on this journey?
Bro. Matt

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