Must Having the Data Precede Having Devotion?

“Instead of accepting revelation they became philosophers. And what is a philosopher? A philosopher is a man who claims that he starts by being skeptical about everything, that he is an agnostic. ‘I am going to have the data,’ he says, ‘and then I am going to apply my mind to it. I am going to reason it out and I am going to work it out.’ And that is exactly what such men have done; they became foolish and wicked in their reasonings, in their thoughts, in their own conjectures and speculations and surmisings. And what is the cause of it all?  Paul uses the word ‘vain’ and it means not only foolish, but it means wicked as well. . . . The cause of the whole trouble was wickedness, and it is still wickedness.’”

— D.M. Lloyd-Jones, Romans: An Exposition of Chapter 1, The Gospel of God (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1985), p. 377. Quoted in James Montgomery Boice, Romans, 171.

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2 thoughts on “Must Having the Data Precede Having Devotion?

  1. Kenneth Clayton

    Is philosophy opposed to Christianity and Christian epistemology? I haven’t done any studying in philosophy but have seen a few Christian resources and studies in this area, it seem Lloyd Jones is against it.

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