When Election Cycles Turn Nasty—and Funny!

Now that these midterm elections are finally drawing to a close, so will the political ads for this season.  The mudslinging, slanderous comments these politicians bring against their opponents is embarrassing, to say the least. 

Yet, this is nothing compared to the nastiest election season of all-time:  the presidential election of 1800.  Check out the clip below between incumbent John Adams and Thomas Jefferson—using their own words (HT: First Things):



And remember when President George W. Bush was universally loved by all Americans in the wake of 9-11?  I remember this video well, but it seems like one of a long bygone era. 


Now check out this clip of a debate between Bill Clinton and Jerry Brown in the Democratic primary, c. 1992. 


And the best exchange of all, in my opinion, was in the 1984 Republican Debate between Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale, where Reagan made clear what issue he would not “exploit for political purposes”:


Maybe one day we can look back and laugh at some moments from this 2010 midterm election cycle.  In the meantime, keep it civil, gents. 

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