R.C. Sproul on the Flawed Logic of the Seeker-Sensitive Movement and Its Descendants

R.C. Sproul gives his views on the seeker-sensitive movement.  Here’s some thoughts gleaned from this:

    1. According to Romans 3:10-12, unbelievers are not seeking after God.  Only believers seek after God—those who have been regenerated.  They may be searching for peace of mind, happiness, meaning in life, and relief from guilt—but that does not equate searching after Christ.  They want the benefits that God can give us, but we are fleeing fast away from Him. 
    2. Believing that the purpose of a worship service is to reach the lost is a key fundamental error.  Worship is the corporate gathering of the people of God for worship.  We should be most interested in what pleases God, not what pleases the unbeliever. 
    3. “We’re still looking on Joseph’s pants.”  Luther preached that in spite of the Reformation and the recovery of the light of the gospel, they were still addicted to relics.  Instead of reading Scripture, they would look for relics (milk from the breast of Mary, the pants of Joseph) to give them power.  The power for many today is the program!  Yet, the power of the Holy Spirit is mediated through the Word, not from a program or a technique at the expense of the Word.  We risk failing to see the power of the Word of God!

Al Mohler notes that the language for the seeker-sensitive movement as propounded in the past is rather dated, but the logic still remains: “If you scratch people where they now itch, they will be more open to hearing the gospel.”  By earning their trust in meeting their felt needs about marriage and finances, etc.  It doesn’t work, because they spend time on these things, they risk not getting to the gospel.

What think ye?

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