A Weekend with my Best Friend (Who Also Happens to Be My Wife)

This past weekend, my wife and I spent the weekend at the Mountain Springs Inn in McKee, KY.  We stayed there because we won a contest that WJMM-FM put on.  We truly enjoyed it.  Here are some pictures we took on the back part of the property by the pond.

We had no cell phone signal, so it kept us from receiving calls—and removed the temptation for us to be on the phone for personal or ministry reasons.

Cindy and I have been through a good deal in our twelve years of marriage.  Married in Kentucky, we moved to Florida right after our honeymoon—the first time she had lived in any other state.  We lived in Florida for three years where I served as Minister of Music and Youth and First Baptist Church of Clewiston.  God called me back to Kentucky to finish my MDiv work at Southern Seminary.  A few months at a church in Nelson County, playing piano for five months at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, pastoring a small church in Breckinridge County (English Baptist Church) before coming to Boone’s Creek Baptist Church in 2003—we have had many, many experiences in ministry that have been painful but always profitable.

And through it all, she’s stayed by my side.

Back in May 2009, she was diagnosed with lupus.  She has had to make some significant adjustments, seeing as how lupus saps energy quickly and effectively!  But it has helped us in so many ways.  So many distractions have been cut through, and we have grown closer to one another and to the Lord in ways I never imagined otherwise.

I’m with C.J. Mahaney, who told his wife Carolyn, “You are color, and the rest of the world is black and white.”  Unlike others I know, there is no one I’d rather spend time with than my wife.  I get more pumped about date nights and times away because I know that I do not have to say goodnight and wait for the next date.

And she has brought four children into the world that light everything up!  Seeing their personalities crystallize makes me recognize how thankful I am that God put me in a position to be their father, and to lead this family as God commanded me.  I’m seeing more and more how important Dads are—and I vow to be that Dad for them.

A bad day with my wife is better than the best day with anyone else!  I’m grateful to God for Cindy.  Every day is a gift and a treasure!

Image040 Image033 Image034 Image037 Image038 Image039

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