Don’t Come to Church ‘Cold’

Our Sunday night services are being geared to help, as the apostle Paul says, “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12). On Sunday evening, May 23rd, I shared with you something that has been a growing conviction of mine. I have been hearing how the Holy Spirit is really moving and hearts are being softened and changed for the gospel. My question is, is yours?

Every one of us comes into a church, our work, our homes, everywhere with certain expectations. The question is, do those expectations line up with the Word of God, or simply our own personal preferences? If we come into church without having read the Word, engaged in prayer, been involved in ministry and encouragement, and sharing the gospel, we risk as Christians coming into the worship service ‘cold.’ As a result, we come in cold and then may expect the preacher or the music or someone else to ‘warm us up.’ Then we begin to focus on some outside thing that we can see to bring us together and begin focusing on traditions or man-made things, rather than seeing that the gospel of Jesus is what brings us together.

Don’t come in to church ‘cold.’ One person said that whereas followers of other religions see their religion as a lifestyle, Christians often see theirs as a hobby. The church is not a luxury liner there to service you primarily (although we do wish to serve you the glories of the fruit of the gospel, for sure), but it is a warship combating the sins of the flesh, the world, and the devil so we may rescue others from their captivity to sin. The moment we see the church being about us more than about Christ, we begin to take Christ’s place as the director and even the pastor of this church. So pray for me that Christ as the true pastor of this church would give me the direction He desires so that we all may follow and not get sidetracked by our own selfish whims. Remember, as God showed us through Dr. Lawless: “God is stronger than the enemy.”

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