My Newsletter Article for October 2009

From Your Pastor

October 2009

Homecoming 224

On this inside of this newsletter, you’ll see an invitation to our Homecoming 224. Our church was birthed by our Lord on November 9, 1785, putting us almost at our 224th anniversary. Wouldn’t it be great to have 224 people at our service this coming Sunday? I confess, I tend to shy away from high attendance goals because there is a temptation of looking at people to help us attain a number. Let’s resist that temptation and say that we need to reach people (those who were once a part of our church, or who would be new) to get them under the influence of the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.

Are You Ready to Arise and Build?

I know I am!

Yet what am I ready to build? Our Arise and Build Team (my name for our Building Committee that I hope will stick) has been working tirelessly out of love for our church and its mission to spread God’s glory from our neighbors to the nations.

By now, many of you should have received a letter from me on behalf of the Arise and Build Team inviting you to the Arise and Build Kickoff Banquet on Saturday, October 24th at 6:00 p.m. I am so encouraged by how this is taking shape, and how others inside and outside the church are kicking in for the Kickoff Banquet! I have already told you about how Ashland Avenue Baptist Church will let us use their facilities for free, and even free up a couple of rooms in their children’s area for child care (up to five years of age). But everything is coming in financially well under what we expected.

To what to I attribute this? Simply this: when we trust God with the money and resources and talents He has given us (remember, it’s not Boone’s Creek’s money—God is simply allowing us to use it to spread His glory in this season), He will take the lead and do things far above what we ask or think!

But back to the question posed earlier: what am I ready to build? Let me answer that by saying this:

I am not ready to build a building—primarily.

In other words, I am not ready to expand simply to expand. To build a building just to say we’re building a building is the acme of foolishness and arrogance.

What I am ready to be is one who will lead this church to build a people of God who chase after the heart of God. When we have the vision that God has for this church (which He lays out beautifully in His Word), we begin to have a heart for those who are lost and dying without Him. He has called us to be His truth agents in this world.

You see, God has called us to arise and build a church, not a building. The building serves as a by-product of the mission and vision of the church. The fellowship hall space, recreation space for all ages, the classroom space—these are pressing needs for our church.

And be careful not to put money on the throne of the universe. What do I mean? Some say, “We can only move on what God wants if the funds are there.” Really? Are we putting money as our Lord? If God has called us to move on something, we must move and watch Him remain faithful in providing for what we need from the treasure trove of Christ’s riches and glory! In the process, we will grow from “In Money We Trust” to truly behaving the way that even our money speaks: “In God We Trust.”

The Sundays in October will be our Arise and Build Month leading up not only to the Banquet, but also to our Arise and Build Commitment Sunday on Sunday, November 1. Begin praying about what role God would have you to play in this significant vision for our church. I will be preaching (Lord willing—He sometimes has other plans) through Jonah, titling the series: “Reluctant or Ready?” As for me, I’m ready!!

BMen Bigger Breakfast on Sunday, October 10 at 8:30 a.m.

It’s important for the men to get together for some fellowship, some food, but also some focus as we evaluate who we are as husbands, parents, workers, and retirees and our place in the mission of the gospel. It is crucial for all of our men to be at this breakfast so we can get down to business for what God would have us to be. I look forward to seeing you there.

Leadership Retreat on November 7 (Lord willing)

Are you serving on a committee? Do you have some position of leadership (deacon, Sunday School, etc.)? Then I would urge all of us to come together for a leadership retreat. This is a time where all of us get away to a neutral site to examine where we are as leaders of Christ’s church in Christ’s world. The tentative location will be Blue Grass Baptist School and will take place from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. It is time for us to look at what God calls us to do and to streamline who we are in light of the mission God has placed on our church. Please RSVP at 263-5466 or

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