ESV Study Bible Excerpts — This Looks Impressive

Some of you at my church have inquired about the new ESV Study Bible that is coming out. I must say, this study Bible looks impressive! To be honest, I had begun veering away from study Bibles in resisting the temptation to look at the study notes with the same solemnity as the Holy Scriptures.

Yet, this looks like a wonderful resource to help my people and me understand the Word better. The notes, the maps, the layout are all crisp and detailed. My only concern is the size. This is an almost 2,800 page Bible — a beast to carry around, I would assume. Aside from this, I eagerly await its release on October 15.

ESV has released some excerpts in pdf format:

Introduction to the Psalms, along with the notes for Psalm 1

Introduction to the book of Isaiah, along with the notes for the first two chapters

The entire book of Jonah

Introduction to Ezekiel, along with the first two chapters

Introduction to the Gospel according to Luke

Introduction and notes for chapter 1 of Colossians

Introduction to Revelation

A Reconstruction of Golgotha, the hill upon which Jesus died

Solomon’s Temple

Where Was Jesus Buried?

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