Mohler on King Discussing Homosexuality

Notice how those who hold to gay ministers that they keep saying, “Who I believe God made me to be” and how in her gay relationship, she “feels whole and complete”  — even though Scripture mandates something completely opposite .  We must be who God made us to be as he has revealed in his word. Notice the man who begins to question Dr. Mohler’s use of the word ‘truth.’ It’s the old Postmodern understanding of truth being how we personally define it rather than an absolute standard. Who made that rule? We must keep those who claim the name of Christ, yet divert from his Word, in prayer.

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2 thoughts on “Mohler on King Discussing Homosexuality

  1. Leigh

    Who wrote the Scripture?
    Who said this was the ‘truth’?
    Were they right?
    When was the scripture written?
    If the Truth is what we personally define, then aren’t you saying whoever wrote the scripture at the time, believe ‘Personally’ that this was their truth within their social, cultural, family belief’s?
    Its time to move with the times and accept that your wrong, that their are different ‘truths.’ Heard of updating a book!!!

  2. Updating a book Leigh? You can update a book, but God’s Word never changes!
    There is truth and then there is the sinful humanity’s twisting of the “truth”, which is the same thing Satan did in the Garden of Eden. And when God’s unchanging truth is changed, it ALWAYS leads to death. And in the case of homosexuality, if it doesn’t lead to a physical death it will lead to a spiritual and eternal death for those who die unrepentant of that sin and any other sin they hold on to in denying the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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